Mount Rainier, Disappointment Cleaver Route

In July, I embarked on my first mountaineering expedition on Mount Rainier as part of REI’s Climb For A Cause. Mount Rainier is a volcano in Washington’s Cascade Range rising up to 14,411 ft. Our team of 8 REI employees and 4 guides from Alpine Ascents International climbed the Disappointment Cleaver Route via Camp Muir on July 7th-9th. Although we were turned back at 12,800ft (about 1 mile from the summit) due to avalanche conditions, I had the time of my life! I was treated to the full spectrum of weather and conditions, learned new mountaineering skills, and experienced an incredible sunrise! It was amazing just to be up there going for it. I’ll be back!


2 thoughts on “Mount Rainier, Disappointment Cleaver Route

    1. It’s a great climb! As for my experience… this was my very first time mountaineering. I have extensive backpacking experience and started climbing regularly earlier this year, but never combined skills. I’d never even walked with crampons on! But I think with good training beforehand, it’s definitely attainable for anyone active. Also, going with a guide group like Alpine Ascents gives you the chance to learn snow skills while up there as well.

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